Our Services

Here is an overview of the classes we offer! 

Semi- Private Coaching

Semi-Private Classes are designed for 2 people to work closely with 1 coach. These sessions allow for a lot more individualized attention, and are therefore a good match for those looking to manage pregnancy/postpartum related symptoms such as Diastasis Recti, Prolapse, chronic pelvic/lower back pain etc. Please feel free to contact us for more information! 

12-Week Postpartum Program

Our 12-week postpartum program is designed to meet newly postpartum moms where they are at. It aims to provide them with the tools they need to rehabilitate their pelvic floor and core muscles whilst safely heading towards full-body functional strength training. It has an in-depth educational component, which leaves participants feel informed, confident and empowered! Please contact us for more information! 

MomBeast Group Classes

These are our more advanced ongoing strength and conditioning classes. They are suitable for those who have previously done semi-private coaching or have completed the 12-week postpartum program. This is where we push boundaries whilst prioritising safety/technique and keeping an open dialogue about pelvic floor function. 

Pregnancy Group Classes

Our ongoing pregnancy group classes cater to all pregnancy stages, fitness/strength levels and walks of life. These strength classes feature big fundamental movement patterns, pregnancy appropriate core and pelvic floor work, and a whole lot of fun, informative and friendly chit chats.  

Mommy & Me Classes

Our 45 minute “Mommy & Me” classes are scheduled every Wednesday at 09:30. These classes are ideal for moms with babies that aren’t crawling or walking just yet. Otherwise, your workout will consist of running after your little one. We expect crying, puking, and lots of feeding moments. So come, do what you can, and embrace the chaos with us. 

See you at class!