Mommy fitness in The Hague

An empowering Pre- and Postnatal fitness program designed to give pregnant women and new moms confidence and control over their body.

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Less focus on what you cannot do and more on what you CAN DO!

The 4 Feel Good Foundations

A Feel Good Mom is a mother who is allowed to feel all possible feelings but strives to feel good about herself no matter what her story is. C-section or vaginal birth, breast or bottle feeding, you are doing your best and are allowed to make your own decisions. This program will do nothing but remind you of that! 


Learn about corrective and functional exercises 


Connect with your core and wake up your diaphragm 


Understand there is no right way and you are good enough


Connect with other Feel Good Moms 

“The best thing about Feel Good Moms is that it brings people together & allows us to support each other!”

Do any of these sound like you? If so, we’d be happy to help you through your pre- and postnatal fitness journey.

  • You would like to exercise but do not know how to do so safely
  • You are looking to workout and want to bring your little one
  • You have Diastasis Recti, also know as abdomen separation
  • You struggle running, jumping or even sneezing without peeing yourself
  • You are plagued with lower back and pelvic pain
  • You need a body image and confidence boost
  • You want to meet and work out with other pre- and postnatal super Mommas
Be a girl with spark, a woman with class & a lady with a functional pelvic floor!

Pre- and Postnatal Fitness

At Feel Good Moms we offer 1:1 coaching and group classes suitable for pregnant women as well as new moms and their babies. Our prenatal classes are suitable for any fitness levels and welcome anyone, no matter how far along they are in their pregnancies. Our postnatal classes have a strong focus on recovery and safe re-integration into loved fitness routines. If you would like to train with you baby, come along to the Mommy & Me classes.

Meet Miriam

Founder of Feel Good Moms, Pre- and Post Natal Exercise Coach, Core and Diastasis Consultant, and Doula in training

I initially started delving into the world of pre- and postnatal fitness out of necessity. Despite having been a fitness coach since 2009, at a certain point I came to the humble realization that working with pregnant women and new moms was a whole different ball game. A quick Google search on “how to train a pregnant woman” was not going to cut it.

I therefore enrolled myself in various educational programs and rapidly developed a flaming hot passion for moms, their bumps and babies.

Very quickly I began to realize that the fitness industry did not really cater for pre- or postnatal moms, which motivated me to create something that simply wasn’t there before. Within a year I opened the Feel Good Moms training studio, welcomed moms in private and group settings, organized various workshops, presented at Fit Fair, attended more courses, made countless of new friends and even got the very humbling opportunity to attend births.

Nothing gives me more energy than hearing that with my help, the moms had a more comfortable pregnancy and smoother delivery/recovery process.

To be able to support women even more holistically, I am currently studying to become a Doula!

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