Private 1:1 Coaching

1:1 Pre- & Postnatal Personal Training Session

Depending on your own circumstances, you may feel more comfortable in a 1:1 setting. Here you have to opportunity to address anything and know there will be zero judgment.

It is not uncommon for moms to see us privately when they believe they have unnatural abdominal separation (Diastasis Recti), uncontrolled urine, gas or stool loss, prolapse or what they believe to be pregnancy related pelvic/lower back pain.

The 1:1 coaching sessions can be seen as a discovery journey where together we note down any possible symptoms and establish what can be done differently in order to improve the functionality of relevant muscles and body parts.

Within this private and safe setting, we have seen stunning progress within weeks.

1:1 Feel Good Junkies Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

Our Founder, Miriam, is also a Holistic Lifestyle Coach. Her passion is helping people improve their vitality and overall well-being, pregnant or not. She does so by teaching and preaching about the 5 foundations of health (Breathing, Nutrition, Movement, Lifestyle & Thoughts). Through her coaching, she emphasizes the fact that stress levels, body fat percentages, and risk of illness can only be reduced when your body and mind are in harmony. By participating in this program, you will learn how to create a lifestyle that you can maintain in your everyday activities, which will in turn lower your physical and mental stress levels.