Private Coaching

Private 1:1 Coaching 

1:1 coaching is suitable for those who wish to work on very specific goals, those who prefer to train on their own (with the coach of course), and for those who may struggle to participate in a group setting due to movement limitations. The workouts done during these sessions are tailored to the individual’s needs and are usually highly effective when it comes to reaching goals within a reasonably short timeframe.

More specific reasons for private 1:1 coaching include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Being freshly postpartum (6 weeks+ postpartum)
  • Looking for Diastasis Recti management
  • Looking for prolapse management
  • Looking for C-section management
  • Looking for individualized technique guidance
  • For whatever reason not feeling comfortable in a group setting
  • Having booking and timeslot flexibility

If you are freshly postpartum, or have acute/lingering pain, it is highly recommended you first visit a pelvic floor physical therapist before beginning your Feel Good Moms journey.

You will find a great pelvic floor physical therapist in the “about” section of the website.