Group Fitness Classes

**Please note that each class must have at least 2 registrations in order to go ahead and will be cancelled otherwise**

Our Pre- & Postnatal classes are designed to educate, empower, and safely get moms sweaty during our 45 -60 minute workout routines. In these classes, we teach functional movements and strongly emphasise the importance of diaphragmatic breathing and pelvic floor health. With safe and fun, yet challenging workouts, we make sure you are well prepared for your biggest marathon yet: child birth and recovery.

In order for us to pay attention to each Mom individually, our classes are intentionally kept small.

Prenatal Class Descriptions

FeelGoodFIT: This 60 minute prenatal class caters to all fitness levels. Whether you haven’t exercised in years or are die-hard crossfitter, you can be sure to safely get your sweat on. These classes usually feature educational moments as well as workouts designed to make you stronger, fitter, and more mindful when it comes to connecting to your pelvic floor.

Postnatal Class Descriptions

FitMOM: Our 60-minute FitMom class is designed for women 6 weeks – 10+ years postpartum and focuses safely re-introducing the body to functional movements, whilst honouring the fact that the pelvic floor and inner core muscles may be in a different states than they were before pregnancy and delivery. These medium intensity classes can be seen as a safe pit stop before returning back to personally loved fitness activities such as surfing, climbing, CrossFit, etc.

Mommy & Me: This 45-minute class is designed to allow mommas to bond with their little bubs through working out together. A mom can either opt to lay their little ones on a mat besides them, do the workout whilst holding them or have them stay in a maxi cosi. These classes can get beautifully chaotic and puking, crying, breastfeeding are all more than okay!