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Here's a little YOU time

Here is a little YOU time. We all need it and we all deserve it. So, take the time to take care of yourself through our dynamic pre- and postnatal wellness programs. You’ll be a better Momma, wife, friend, and self-lover when you keep your health and happiness at the top of your priority list.

Feel Good Moms is a Pre- and Postnatal fitness program designed for women preconception, during pregnancy, and through the post baby recovery process.

So many times women are told they cannot do this, they cannot do that. We shouldn’t exercise during pregnancy, we shouldn’t be working on our core, we need to drop all physical activities when expecting, the list goes on. We know that this kind of messaging is confusing and demotivating, and we are here to change that message altogether.

At Feel Good Moms we take a different standpoint. We want to empower you to learn about your body and actively tackle any pregnancy related physical and mental challenges you might face through mental clarity and physical strength. You don’t have to fall in to the statistics of Diastasis Recti or face another day of lower back pain. Because guess what? We know the right techniques to mitigate the risk of Diastasis Recti, the correct ways to reduce the risk of incontinence, and we are well versed in various methods to reduce and manage lower back and pelvic pain.

So, don’t refer to just any trainer at the gym for advice on your pre- and postnatal fitness journey, take it from our specialists. Our 1:1 coaching sessions and group classes provide you with valuable information for your fitness journey. Through extensive research and specialized training, we have the information that is often not found with regular fitness training or even from the doctor’s office. We will provide you with the necessary tools to guide you to a strong and functional core and body. Forget the old days of only doing “Kegel” exercises and “pulling bellybutton to spine” approaches! Our methods are new, innovative, and fun, but most importantly effective.  Our aim is to provide you with a strong pelvic floor and core to assist you throughout your journey from giving birth to the next stages of your life.

Miriam’s Qualifications

  • Pre and Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Diastasis and Core Consultant
  • Australian Institute of Fitness Master Trainer
  • CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach
  • FRC Mobility Specialist
  • 6 Domain Vitality Coach
  • Human Movement Specialist
  • Precision Nutrition Coach
  • TRX Instructor
  • Punch Fit Instructor


Mitera & Co

Doula & Kraamzorg

Hi, my name is Meida. I am the owner of Mitera & Co., doula and kraamzorg services. As a certified doula, a registered kraamverzorgende/maternity nurse and a former labor and delivery nurse, I am the go-to-person for anything about birth, babies and breastfeeding. Giving birth and becoming new parents can be challenging, but with my continuous support and care from pregnancy and onwards, I can help couples cope better and feel more confident. Languages: native English speaker, fluent Dutch.

Mitera & Co

Sofía Quintana

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist 

I’m a women’s health physiotherapist at Perinatal Physio. Aside from general complaints, I’m specialized in treating pelvic pain during pregnancy and diastasis recti in the postpartum period. I’ve trained with different specialists in the field over the years, and nowadays I train other physiotherapists in the Rost method for treating pelvic girdle pain (sometimes called pelvic instability) in Spain and Latinamerica. Urinary incontinence, back pain or pain during intercourse might all be a sign that your core is not responding well to the challenges of maternity, and having an integrative approach to these issues is key to healing.

Perinatal Physio